Welcome To NEO Restaurant

Charming the people through the best of its culinary offerings since 2004, Neo restaurant is the second restaurant creation by Adara Group in Doha.
A fresh and first of its kind approach of introducing assorted cuisines staying true to the authenticity of each cuisine with finest of ingredients is what inspired the name ‘Neo’ – a word that translates to ‘new’ in Greek.
Right from its founding, the driving principle of the restaurant has always been to present a creative blend of delicacies that exceeds the boundaries of usual dining experience.
With an eclectic choice of the world’s best cuisines offered at the restaurant, we aim to take the taste buds to a delicious trip of a satisfying feast.
From exotic cuisines of the Far East to the suave cuisines of the classy West, our menu offers a pleasant journey to the entire globe with its blend of authentic cuisines under one roof, thus creating the concept of “World Cuisine”.